Mysterious man behind the Qiu Jie media: Understanding decade harmed

Guiyang Municipal People’s Procuratorate, according to the prosecution allegations: from 2008 to 2015, Qiu and use as facilities and terms of convenience and status of CPC Yunnan Provincial Committee and Party Secretary of Kunming, Yunnan Province, deputy secretary and other duties on a form for others in provide project promotion, bank loans, work adjustment and other matters to help, illegally received, ask Liu Wei Higher property 13 people, a total of RMB 2433 million yuan.

Mysterious man behind the Qiu

“Haiyuncang internal reference” noted Liu Wei high charges are only the names being mentioned. Who is this?
Liu Wei high, Zhejiang Yiwu, the ancestral home Suqian Shuyang. An investment officer at the time recalled the year 2003, Liu Wei high with more than one million opened in Suqian Jiangsu Fen that wire Limited. It was at this time, to get to know the high Liu Wei Qiu. Since then, Liu Wei Qiu and the pace of keeping up high more than a decade.

Although two of collusion between officials and businessmen closely associated, but with hatred and career rise, Liu Wei high business also grew and grew. In 2005, Qiu Suqian municipal government in power and the full support of Liu Wei high investment in the construction of Yiwu International Trade City, which was the largest foreign investment project in Suqian.
Liu Wei and Qiu high and described as “a prosperity, a loss for both sides.” March 16, 2015, Qiu and to initiate an investigation, the next day, when Ren Zhonghao Commercial Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Liu Wei will be high, “resigned for personal reasons.”

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Students who cheated death tuition light on yourself stupid: is self-inflicted

Just money remitted, dense rain fell down. Xu Yuyu began to wait. Half an hour in the past, the money did not come back. She further back in the past, “the phone has been shut down.”

From the police station came out onto her father’s gray Jinpeng electric tricycle. Xu Lianbin launch vehicle, walk three minutes, he remembered just under the rain, afraid of her cold, “she told wanted to put on his coat.”

A look back, Xu Yuyu found sitting on the Mazar, it has fell on the car. Xu Lianbin parking Qubao daughter, “the body are soft.” When the 120 arrived, “people almost die.”
Before the entrance, Xu Yuyu learning in the classroom. Respondents for map.

August 24, three days after the death of his daughter Xu Yuyu, Xu Lianbin family was surrounded by sadness and hot. Mother Li Ziyun think daughter wept, Father Xu Lianbin endured wave after wave of sadness to accept media interviews, “our children are too honest, and hope that other families do not be deceived.”

August 19, 18-year-old girl Xu Yuyu Linyi Luozhuang, received through a telephone fraud. Is about to enter college, she cheated took college costs 9900 yuan. On the way home from the police, she suddenly of cardiac arrest, the hospital died, unfortunately, passed away on February 21.

During the same period, the students received a similar telephone fraud is not Xu Yuyu one. Alumni & Xu Yuyu same towns also narrowly escaped fraud; and in a village of Hedong District of Linyi City, a student cheated 6800 yuan tuition. Xu Yuyu number of students said they and their families have received a promotion or telephone fraud.

Xu Yuyu’s death led to discussions of social and disclosure of personal information of telephone fraud. NPC deputy and president of Nanjing University of Posts and Memorial, has proposed legislation to start the Personal Information Protection Act as soon as possible in two sessions. And Xu Yuyu, this year it is admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications.

Waiting for the school, “students”

Just turned 18-year-old Xu Yuyu born in Luozhuang District of Linyi City High Street are Tanzanian communities. Sister Xu Lin, Ocean University of China after graduation, after several efforts, to the chemical plant in Singapore.

In Tanzania community, Xu Xu Yuyu is the second child of promise. She enrolled in the liberal arts experimental class Linyi Nineteenth secondary schools, the top five in the class results year round to maintain, and even was rushed to the city’s top 20.

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How to fix and download hlink.dll for free

It is common to deal with hlink.dll file is not a valid Windows image error triggered as because the dossier was not found and remains accompanied along with hlink dll disable warning messages associated with faults concerning PowerPoint and Microsoft Outlook, so to fix them all simply invest in DLL SUITE.

At the inception of this write-up, it can be stated that non-system processes concerning the hlink.dll file originate from the software installed on the system. The fact that most of the applications store entries in the registry of the PC stands as the reason behind the accumulation of invalid entries and ultimately holds an adverse impact on the overall PC performance.

Before determining upon the apt fixing approach, it makes sense to broaden the knowledge horizon regarding the different forms and genres of errors which might essentially creep-in time and over again. The first and foremost hlink.dll error is related to a type of the fault wherein it is simply not possible to view a particular PowerPoint presentation. The fault and hlink.dll warning messages getting displayed on the screen of the monitor read a lot identical to:

Microsoft PowerPoint “hlink-dll” simply could not be loaded

The load process of the Dynamic Link Library file could not happen properly

A detailed look into the type of the hlink dll warning message getting displayed shall let you know that the same remains triggered because of the damaged, missing or the wrong version of the dossier.

An error code as: “oxc8000247” more often than not gets highlighted owing to “hlink.dll not found” causes and this might trigger a scenario wherein Windows 10 PC merely cannot carry out its update process in the expected way. The Cached Online Validation Code, relating to an identical form of fault, remains represented as: 0x0.

A message reading a lot identical to: “hlink.dll is not a valid Windows image” gets displayed and the same happens especially during the start-up phase of the computer. The real point of concern with such a type of fault remains in the fact that it becomes necessary to click on the ‘OK’ button for say a minimum of twenty (20) times. According to a gamut of all concerned system users, the issue specific to hlink dll disable warning merely keeps getting displayed even after opting for all the troubleshooter fixes from the Microsoft Support website.

In yet another typical form of fault concerning hlink.dll Powerpoint, it might so happen that you shall have to deal with an error message reading a lot similar to: “It appears as though some of the files contain viruses”. To be more specific, it can be stated that such an error message gets highlighted on clicking on a hyper link in PPT.

At most times simply after carrying out an upgrade process, a gamut of all users faces issues concerning hlink.dll Outlook. In fact; on launch Microsoft Outlook, it is simply not possible to load the calendar and emails with the most recent data.

Errors/issues relating to hlink.dll disable can severely restrict the overall PC operation through a significant margin. The message getting displayed on the screen of the monitor merely reads as: “It appears as though Microsoft Outlook simply failed to establish an apt connection to the Server”.

The best way of being able to take care of all the issues is to visit a website such as: VSKSoft and download/install a tool such as: DLL SUITE.

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British media: China’s “red pass suspects” money-laundering case in New Zealand reconciliation fined 200 million yuan

August 24 British media reported that New Zealand police confirmed that the police and the Supreme Court approved ranked China “100 red through People” fifth Yan Yongming on with money-laundering investigations reconciliation, Yan Yongming police must be turned over 42.85 million New Zealand dollars ( about 208 million yuan) of the property.

According to the BBC website reported August 23, alias Liu Yang Yongming Yan, formerly Tonghuajinma Jilin Pharmaceutical Company Limited. Chinese Ministry of Public Security, said he escaped fled in 2000 and 2005 made its Interpol issued a “red notice” wanted.

New Zealand police officials said this is the highest amount ever in the country’s first confiscation, but also cooperation in the new investigation more than two years of results. According to reports, the amount involved in the direction of the new party communications of 129 million Singapore dollars.

It reported that New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said would like to see the High Court’s ruling, saying China is currently unknown how it intends to follow up the case. Local media is waiting to see whether the extradition request has been made in China, New Zealand citizenship Yongming Yan.

New Zealand Police Department statement said that upon receipt of payment Yan Yongming turned over, he and other people involved had previously been frozen property will be closed, money-laundering investigations will be closed, the next step will be to discuss with the Chinese how to allocate the funds paid.

It reported that Yan Yongming first fled after arriving in Australia, after which moved to New Zealand. 2007 Australian Federal Police had confiscated from the transfer of Chinese Yan Yongming of 3.374 million Australian dollars (about 17.12 million yuan).

“New Zealand Herald” reported that Sun Yan came to New Zealand in 2001, arrived after newly acquired permanent residence permits its name to Liu Yang, 2005 to apply for citizenship in New Zealand, and contributed to New Zealand Labor Party and the New Zealand National Party, the National Party in 2008 naturalization approved in writing supported John Key Cabinet Affairs Minister Pansy Wong and other three women MPs under.

Reported that, according to the New Zealand police, Yan Sun in the absence of recognition of any civil or criminal liability under the premise of the agreed settlement. However, New Zealand Prime Minister John Key visit to China in April showed that the Wellington government “not exclude” the negotiations with China and signed an extradition treaty. This is likely to lead to variable Yongming Yan whereabouts.

Hong Kong “Oriental Daily News” Web site June 1 has reported that Yan Yongming the “father of Chinese Viagra,” said, ranked China’s “red warrant” fifth place.

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How to fix and download mmcndmgr.dll for free

If mmcndmgr.dll in Windows 7 operating system or the file is not registered, views did not work, script error in Windows XP, print spooler has stopped working, library not registered, regsvr32 command did not work, download DLL SUITE for mmcndmgr dll.

Mmcndmgr dll error comes from MMC node manager. Computers installed with Windows operating system might have dll file problem. If this dll file is problematic the computer might stop working on several devices or stop defragging. If this file is missing or damaged, try to solve it as soon asa possible.

Have a look on the common mmcndmgr dll error:

a. User accidentally installed malicious software in Windows XP service pack 3 Operating System. Since then mmcndmgr.dll in Windows XP has stopped working. To start up action centre or security centre message came up from mmcndmgr.dll in Windows XP that is START REG_DWORD 0X00000004(4).

b. HP dv7 laptop running on Windows Vista home premium 64 bits service pack 1 has an mmcndmgr.dll file error. Occasionally error messages were popping up on the screen mentioning the mmcndmgr.dll file that file is either missing or not found. System file checker or sfc/scannow could find violation but failed for fixing.

c. If user clicks on services there is an mmcndmgr.dll script error. The system was running on Windows XP pro 64 bits operating system. Internet explorer script error 30 while clicking on services or mmcndmgr.dll script error came up on the screen.

d. After installing service pack 3 to the Windows XP operating system mmcndmgr.dll print spooler has stopped working as well as wireless zero configuration. User could not connect to the wireless devices such as Bluetooth printer. To connect the error message was mmcndmgr.dll print spooler has stopped working.

e. While clicking on the MS management console an error message popped up on the screen that mmcndmgr.dll is not registered. The computer was running on Windows Vista home premium service pack 2. The last change made was installing update KB2600217 and since the mmcndmgr.dll is not registered error message took place.

f. Print spooler has stopped working in the system. User has tried to reinstall the file using mmcndmgr.dll regsvr32. But this mmcndmgr.dll regsvr32 command failed to fix the error message, ‘spoolsv.exe – application error the instruction at “0x00300000” referenced memory at “0x00300000”. The memory could not be “read”‘ while connecting the Canon MP250 on Windows XP professional service pack 3.

g. Mmcndmgr.dll library not registered error came from MS Edge in Windows 10 operating system. While opening services an error message popped up that, an error has occurred in the script and mmcndmgr.dll library not registered.

h. “An error was detected in the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). The problem occurred while trying to contact VSS writers. Please verify that the Event System service and the VSS service are running and check for association errors in the event logs. (0x80042318)” error message popped up on the screen when user was trying to work or open services.msc or to access restore point. System file checker failed to fix this mmcndmgr dll views error.

Mmcndmgr.dll in Windows 7 operating system or in other versions if have any problem, download DLL SUITE. This is easy to download and install as well as this suite would fix any other system file error except mmcndmgr.dll in Windows 7.

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Looking back Tiger patrol the region and within two months, nearly 20 officials sacked Office

Beijing BEIJING, August 23 power two months later, and then the Central Discipline Inspection Commission Tiger news release. 22 afternoon, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Department website announced that the deputy mayor of Tianjin Yinhai Lin alleged serious violation, the organization is currently under investigation.

As being central patrol “looking back” areas, Yin Hailin sacked allow inspection “backstroke” the power once again raised concern. In addition to “tiger” reporter Statistics found that this year has been or is being visited central “look back” in 8 provinces, there are at least nearly 20 Office official sacked nearly two months.

Tianjin and the Tianjin Port drop a killer but had been asked for a check of explosion

This year 54-year-old Yin Hailin in Tianjin native, after August 1983 to work in long-term work in Tianjin, from the academic point of view, he is not only a Ph.D., or senior engineer.

In 1983, Yin Hailin Architecture Department of Architecture at Tsinghua University after graduation, he served successively Urban Planning and Design Institute of the Master Plan Planner, Urban and Rural Planning and Design Institute of Planners, deputy director of six rooms, City Planning Authority (City Bureau of land Management) Master plan assistant director, urban planning and design Research Institute, the urban planning Authority (Municipal Bureau of land Management) Assistant Secretary, Deputy Chief engineer, Chief of integrated operations Branch.

Since 2000, she served as Tianjin Yin Hailin Planning Authority (Municipal Bureau of Land Management), deputy director of the Urban Planning and Land Resources Bureau, deputy director of the Municipal Planning Bureau, deputy party secretary. 2007 any of Tianjin Planning Bureau. From May 2012, Deputy Mayor Yin Hailin any of the Tianjin Municipal Law Committee, Municipal Planning Bureau, among the official and ministerial level sequence province.

According to the Tianjin government network leadership column of information, Yin Hailin charge of planning, urban and rural construction, land and housing management, environmental protection, energy saving, water, marine, civil air defense work.

Tianjin government online news shows, this time before the wayside, August 18 there are published reports of Yin Hailin. Day, held in Tianjin major pre-project headquarters site to promote the conference, summed up investment in fixed assets and major pre-project work in progress this year, exchange experiences, analyze problems, deployment tasks. At that time, Yin Hailin had also attended the meeting.

It is worth mentioning that in the previous State Council approved the Tianjin Port, “8.12” Ruihai company dangerous goods warehouse fire and explosion accident investigation report, the report recommends instructed Tianjin Vice Mayor in charge of planning and construction of the Tianjin Municipal Government to make Yin Hailin, etc. a deep examination.

Now, with Yin Hailin sacked, after eighteen, in Tianjin, sacked the provincial and ministerial level officials have two, one is eighteen after Tianjin, “the first tiger,” July 2014 sacked former vice chairman of CPPCC Tianjin Municipal Public Security Bureau, former director of Wu Changshun.

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How to fix and download audiodg.exe for free

To be able to find an apt answer to the query concerning audiodg.exe (audiodg exe) 是什么 or 是什麼 is it, you need to understand that 病毒/virus and other issues might trigger high disk usage, memory leak issues on a system loaded with Windows 7, Win8 and Windows 10, so to fix all of the same simply invest in DLL SUITE.

Brief Introduction: If the question concerning “audiodg.exe 是什么 is it” overly concerns you, all you need to do is to spare a few valuable minutes of yours and go through this particular write-up. This shall help you in acquiring a clearer conception regarding the dossier and assist you in understanding as to which fixing strategy specific to audiodg.exe Win8 shall cater to your needs in the right and the best possible way.

The best way of providing an apt explanation to the query concerning “audiodg.exe 是什麼 is it”, is to let you know that the dossier is a part of Windows 7 and Windows Vista. As far as the location of this particular edition of the file remains in focus, it can be best designated by the path as: C:\Windows\System32. In this context, you need to understand that if the file is not present in the precise path, there remains a clear degree of the possibility of the same being labelled as: audiodg.exe 病毒. There are specific forms of malware, which remain disguised as the file in discussion, and so the exact location of the dossier is an important aspect which you need to take into clear estimation while performing any activity on your system.

It is quite common to deal with issues concerning audiodg exe memory leak and this essentially gets triggered while attempting to play specific audio files on a system loaded with Windows 10. If, in case, you take a look at the audiodg.exe Windows 10 specific process, you shall be able to find that memory leak consumes several hundreds of bytes and this happens every single time the ‘Playsound’ function is necessarily called. It needs to be stated that most of the other programs that depend on the particular service gets affected as well.

In one of the other peculiar forms of issues concerning audiodg exe memory high usage, you might find that the consumption of the same remains designated by 1, 20,000K and at the end of the day the value shoots up to over 3, 00,000K. If, in case, the process concerning the file is stopped, the memory consumption scales down within acceptable values, however; audio (sound) related problems essentially get highlighted. The symptom associated along with such an issue remains such that most users are forced to wonder as to whether the same remains triggered owing to audiodg.exe virus related causes.

After carrying out an upgrade process, there remains a fair extent of possibility of you having to deal with audiodg.exe high disk usage and the same remains associated along with an error string as “BSOD DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL”. After certain intervals, you shall find individuals grumbling regarding having to deal with warning pop-ups concerning high disk usage as well.

Dealing with all sorts of issues concerning audiodg.exe Windows 7 is not an easy task and users, with limited amount of technical know-how, must refrain from carrying out the manual fixing approaches. So; the ideal option worth-following is to consider visiting VSKsoft and download/install a tool as effective as: DLL SUITE.

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MVP Zhu Ting was traced to a poor family wants their family to work out of school

Lang Ping, Zhu Ting generations “Iron Hammer”, a sense of heaven with victory in Rio completed the handover

Zhu Ting big legs in the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals were given 28 points, 33 points and 25 points, becoming the Chinese women’s volleyball team in scoring, was named the Olympic Games women’s volleyball team’s most valuable player (MVP).

In 2007, Carpenter repair Zhoukou City, Henan Dancheng autumn rural drainage Zhuan Liang Zhu building village of the ages, want to give up three daughters promoted to the first day, go outside to work. If not, the third daughter insisted on going to school, then the poor farmers may be more a working girl, the annual savings from hard saved the family returned to the thousands, ten thousand dollars, but the new generation of Chinese women’s volleyball team lost to shift “iron hammer”, the Rio Olympic Games women’s volleyball MVP.

Yes, Zhuan Liang home three daughter, who is now ubiquitous Chinese women’s volleyball spiker Zhu Ting.

August 21 the stadium, and in the huge wave of cheering crowd, Zhu Ting opened her wingspan of up to 2.13 meters arms, mentor Lang Ping into her arms. Lang Ping Jiangrenleishui, patting finals scored 25 points, Zhu Ting’s shoulder, sobbed and said: “! Good for you, you are the good kind.”

Study or work?

In 1994, Zhu Ting was born in an ordinary peasant family in Henan Province, when she already had two sisters, and later added a two younger sisters at home. Father Zhuan Liang Zhu Dancheng autumn building canal villages to farming for a living, in order to support their family he opened a garage, gives the mechanic, relying on a meager income to feed the slack. Zhu Ting graduated from elementary school in 2007, Lao Zhu wanted her to drop out of school to work, less than 13-year-old Zhu Ting turning point in life to make a choice – to continue reading.

Zhu Ting was already more than 1.7 meters tall, to the junior high school physical education teacher soon after being recommended to the Zhoukou City Sports School, he has embarked on the road volleyball. With excellent physical condition and the peasant girl spirit of hard work, Zhu Ting from the city sports school, the provincial sports school youth team to Henan Province, to Henan team, national youth team, youth team, national team, step by step. Lang Ping under the command of the idol, the farm girl on the stage of the world, a much-anticipated star. 22-year-old boarded the pinnacle of life!

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How to fix and download mydocs.dll for free

It is because of unregister or unloaded mydocs.dll (mydocs dll) issues as because of the file getting corrupted or missing from the System32 folder that de Windows 7 para XP error might get highlighted on a Windows XP and Windows 7 PC that you might have to deal with peruserinit function specific issues, so to be able to fix them all simply invest in DLL SUITE.

The description of the file-mydocs .dll simply reads as: “My Documents Folder UI” and the same is placed in the ‘D:\WINDOWS\System32\’ folder. In this particular tech write up, we shall discuss issues specific to the file version: 6.00.2900.2180 (xpsp_sp2_rtm.040803-2158). The importance of the file can be realized from the fact that it is a part of the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System and has been developed by Microsoft Corporation. If System32 mydocs.dll gets misplaced, simply stay prepared in having to deal with a series of many faults. The right way of looking upon the file is as one type of My Documents Folder user interface that exists on Windows operating systems.

In a typical form of mydocs.dll error, you might have to deal with a fault message, simply reading as: “Merely failed to install catalog files” and the installation process simply fails altogether. The error code getting displayed on the screen of the monitor merely remains represented by the alphanumerical code as: 0x8007F01E. The real point of worry remains in the fact that carrying out several Restart operations and downloading SP3 hardly prove to be of any aid in eliminating such a form of fault.

Primarily; it is because of mydocs dll unloaded issues that you might find Windows Explorer to simply crash after regular intervals. In all such cases, it becomes difficult to work on the system and this is simply because the fault essentially keeps occurring during multiple times a single day. The exception code and exception offset related to a similar form of unregister mydocs.dll specific fault can be best represented by the alphanumerical values as: 40000015 and 000000000002a84e respectively. The Locale ID remains represented as: 1033.

If you are facing issues relating to mydocs.dll de Windows 7 para XP, it might happen that you shall have to deal with an error code as: 0x8007F01E. As a result of the same, you might find that the installation phase simply cannot complete in the expected way. The fault message concerning mydocs.dll Windows XP getting displayed on the screen of the monitor simply reads a lot similar to: “Failed to Install Catalog files”. According to a majority of all concerned users, the mydocs.dll XP related faults merely cannot get fixed by means of downloading SP3 and restarting the machine several times.

It is because of mydocs.dll corrupted issues that you might have to deal with a fault code as: 0x80240437 and because of the same the overall system operation arrives at a definitive halt. The identical form of fault keeps occurring on the PCs while attempting to download any games or applications from Microsoft Store.

If there are mydocs.dll Windows 7 related faults, it might happen that you simply shall not be able to download and install any other updates. This type of fault indeed makes it a lot difficult so as to be able to work on the PC.

Dealing with all the issues, including those concerning mydocs.dll peruserinit can indeed prove to be a difficult task and this is where you need to visit VSKSoft and download/install a tool such as: DLL SUITE.

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How to fix and download mcicda.dll for free

To repair mcicda.dll download DLL SUITE in Windows Vista operating system, if driver is missing, nedir error, controlador error, pilote or sterownik application error, драйвер, descargar or other mcicda dll file problems.

Mcicda.dll in Vista or in other versions of the operating system stands for the MCI drivers and it mainly works for the CD audio devices. If this driver file is missing or it has any other issues, file is damaged the computer would stop working permanently. The computer might not run any audio CD.

Here are the problems of Mcicda.dll in Vista:

1. In dell laptop that was running on Windows 10 home 64 bits operating system has a problem. Roxio program has stopped working because of a mcicda.dll file error. The computer could not read any installed program for audio but can read CD. User could play music via media player or Quicktime but could not install a program because of the mcicda.dll file error.

2. Playing music in media player there was an error in the system. The computer was running on Windows 8.1 64 bits operating system and pilote mcicda.dll error has stopped media player. While playing a song regarding the pilote mcicda.dll error it stated server entry point is missing and file failed to register.

3. Faulty driver mcicda.dll did not allow user running a file in Windows media player. To play the music there was an error message, “Windows Media Player cannot play this DVD because there is a problem with digital copy protection between your DVD drive, decoder, and video card. Try installing an updated driver for your video card.” As well as this same message was coming from Real player, Corel WinDVD as well as. But to play media player classic it has no issue of driver mcicda.dll.

4. Due to the mcicda.dll descargar error the computer has stopped running half of the codecs. Only half of the songs from the previous playlist were running. User had no old restore pointy so that System Restore option did not work for the mcicda.dll descargar error solving.

5. Controlador mcicda.dll error corrupted DVD burner. This was Windows 8.1 operating system 64 bits. User made a movie using movie maker. While choosing to burn the CD or to make a DVD the movie maker could not find the DVD burner. Device manager had no such controlador mcicda.dll error.

6. Mcicda.dll nedir error stopped the Zune software. The computer was running on Windows 8 64 bits operating system. This software terminated itself within one minute of launching. Last change made was reinstalling of some development tools that were cluttered for example Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio Express 2008, XNA development environment. Since then Mcicda.dll nedir error has stopped Zune.

7. Shanghai Second Dynasty failed to play in the system because of the sterownik mcicda.dll error. This was Windows 8 pro 32 bits operating system and the computer could not play any other game except this one. The sterownik mcicda.dll repeatedly asked for activating games.

8. Due to the драйвер mcicda.dll error the computer could not detect CD or DVD in Windows Vista business operating system. Right clicking in Windows explorer after inserting disc it generated an error message of драйвер mcicda.dll ‘Insert disk Please insert a disk into Drive’.

To repair mcicda.dll, download DLL SUITE. This is the best suite for fixing any kind of DLL file problems in the system. It would solve any kind of system file error apart from repair mcicda.dll.

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